Where does the money go?

Every penny of our profits goes to supporting the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO - powered by the United Nations Foundation. 

The COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund was set up to support the urgent global response to the COVID-19 crisis. Donations to the fund support WHO’s work, in three core areas: Tracking and understanding the spread of the virus; ensuring patients get the care they need and frontline workers get essential supplies and information; and accelerating research and development of a vaccine and treatments for all who need them. 

In real terms, all funds will support WHO’s global fight against COVID-19, including buying life-saving equipment such as personal protective equipment, lab tests, and more. 

  • £20 can buy 10 liter-size bottles of disinfectant gel for use in hospitals
  • £40 can buy reusable protective gowns for 11 health workers
  • £80  can buy 3750 surgical masks for health workers  
  • £400 can buy protective overalls with a hood for 168 healthcare workers
  • £800 can buy 24600 pairs of gloves for medical exams
  • £2000 can buy 100 digital thermometers 

On top of ALL this, donations to the fund also helps to support:

  • UNICEF in supporting vulnerable people in vulnerable countries; providing access to water, sanitation, and basic infection prevention and control measures; and equipping them with all the evidence-based information and latest WHO guidance and information to protect themselves.
  • CEPI (the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations) to finance research and development of new potential vaccines to combat COVID-19, working closely with WHO.
  • The World Food Programme with getting vital supplies and personnel where they are needed most.